Watch Bun B and Queenie discuss home invasion on The Breakfast Club

The Houston rapper and his wife relived last week’s traumatic events in an interview.

May 01, 2019

Last Tuesday, Bun B and his wife Queenie were victims of a home invasion at their Houston residence. Both were physically unharmed, but Bun B managed to shoot the intruder multiple times before he escaped. The suspect, later identified as DeMonte Jackson, turned up at a hospital an hour and a half later, where he was arrested. On Wednesday, the couple appeared on The Breakfast Club to discuss the incident.


Queenie begins by saying that when she answered the door, she believed it was for a package left by UPS or Amazon. Jackson then pulled a gun on her and demanded cash and valuables. Bun B was upstairs in the bathroom at the time, and retrieved a loaded pistol after hearing his wife downstairs begging for her life.

After stealing a key for Queenie's Audi, Jackson attempted to leave from the couple's garage. Before he could do so, Bun B entered and a shootout ensued – Bun B was unharmed, but the assailant was hit multiple times. As Bun B went to retrieve another firearm, Jackson made his escape.

With emotion in his voice, Bun B thanked his wife for keeping the intruder from coming upstairs and finding him. "I'm so proud of her not only for how she handled herself, but... her only thought was to protect me, because in the moment, her assumption is this person is coming to get me. She [didn't] know it was a random act at the time, so she thinks this person is coming to kill me. So she's like 'I need to hold this person here until Bun can get to the gun. And even if he kills me, I know Bun can kill him.' She's the hero because if she didn't stall him out I [wouldn't have] gotten to the pistol."

Watch the full interview above.

Watch Bun B and Queenie discuss home invasion on The Breakfast Club