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Kenny Beats and Take A Daytrip let their nudes leak, praise the bodega, and more

The hip-hop producers also start a new dream band with members of Daft Punk, Imagine Dragons, and Justice. Woof.

May 01, 2019

With hip-hop artists transitioning from projects to singles, producer tags have become more and more memorable. So, producers like Kenny Beats ("Woah Kenny!") and Take A Daytrip ("Daytrip took it to 10!") are becoming more visible to fans in conjunction with social media.


The FADER confirmed with this latest Would You Rather that their personalities are as entertaining as their beats for artists like Juice WRLD, Key!, and more. This episode reveals the treacherous DMs they receive on social media, the story behind one sample on a Chainsmokers song that Take A Daytrip recorded from a particular bathroom visit, and their love for NYC bodegas.

This week's questions include:
1. Start a dream band but no one knows you're behind it vs. Collab with any artist on an album
2. Personally answer every DM on social media vs. Your nudes leak on the internet
3. Constantly change your producer tag vs. Only make beats sampling body sounds
4. Only be able to eat food from a bodega vs. Only buffets


Watch the full interview above.

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Kenny Beats and Take A Daytrip let their nudes leak, praise the bodega, and more