Billy McFarland is writing a book about Fyre Festival, wants to bring the event back

A freelance editor spoke on his brief collaboration with the imprisoned music festival scammer.

May 03, 2019

The story of Fyre Festival isn't ending with Billy McFarland's six-year prison sentence – the organizer behind the notorious music festival scam has been busy writing a book about the experience, NY Mag reports. Josh Raab, the freelance editor who briefly collaborated with McFarlane on the book, says the working title is Promythus: The God of Fyre. It was scheduled to be self-released on Amazon in April, but has yet to show up.


McFarland wrote the book to counteract how documentaries about Fyre Festival from Netflix and Hulu "misrepresented the real events," according to a letter written to Raab by McFarland's girlfriend Anastasia Eremenko. Raab says that McFarland thinks the documentaries did not capture "the 'raw' story" of the festival, and is in the process of hand-writng 800 pages of material which “chronicles his career from the first investment in a now-shuttered start-up back in 2011 to the FBI paying him a visit days after the festival imploded.”

McFarland began writing the book while incarcerated in the Federal Correctional Facility in Otisville, New York. The pages were passed to Eremenko, who typed them up and gave them to Raab. McFarland reportedly hopes the book will grease the wheels of a comeback similar to that of Jordan Belfort's, the scammer who inspired The Wolf of Wall Street.

In his correspondence with Raab, he also indicated that he wants to bring the festival back. "[T]he Festival will not be a one and done event — it’s happening again," McFarland wrote in an email to Raab. Despite "a bullet-pointed, name-dropping list of selected stories" provided to Raab by McFarland, Raab dropped the project as he didn't see the book as being "[a] worthwhile addition to the general discussion” surrounding Fyre Festival.

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Billy McFarland is writing a book about Fyre Festival, wants to bring the event back