B. Cool-Aid’s “Me & U” is your theme for summer love

Watch a short film for the soul-rap duo’s song.

May 07, 2019

One of the best things about summer is the promise of adventures, but sometimes you don't have to venture far from your stoop to find what you really need. That's the comforting vibe of "Me & U," the new music video from the California rap duo B. Cool-Aid. For the song, Pink Siifu raps about an enduring puppy love in a dimmed melodic flow as producer Ahwlee chops up a soul band to smoky looped perfection. Both artists star in the video directed by Taylor Jones, who transforms the song into the soundtrack for a short film about connection and reconnection.


"'Me & U' really reminded me of all my fav Cali movies," Pink Siifu wrote in an email. "This song low key the vibe of summertimes in 04-08 for me and Ahwlee. Blessings to tha late John Singleton, eye wanted to do something that paid tribute to front porches in Cali like scenes in Boyz N Tha Hood and Friday, fr. Tha fact we sampled a song in Boyz N Tha Hood gave me the inspiration as well for tha video. In every video we try to express honesty and blackness and appreciation for our culture in an easy nostalgic way. So working with Taylor on the direction and Gari with assistant directing was a smooth way to do that. My friends and Queen Widny Bazile also made errthing possible. All thanks and gratitude to the beauty of blackness, forever my inspiration for expression."

Check it out above, and listen to B. Cool-Aid's latest album Syrup here.

Thumbnail by G L Askew II

B. Cool-Aid’s “Me & U” is your theme for summer love