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Ari Lennox hates flying, wants to read her dog’s mind, and more

In this Would You Rather, the Dreamville singer — who just released her debut full-length Shea Butter Baby — also breaks down how she would design the next version of The Sims.

May 08, 2019

D.C. singer Ari Lennox's smoky voice is undeniably special. As a songwriter, she carries a strong, independent attitude. Since signing to Dreamville in 2015 and releasing her debut EP in 2016, the now 28-year-old has continually pushed to develop her smooth, R&B sound. Earlier this week, she dropped her debut full-length project Shea Butter Baby. The FADER invited her to take on Would You Rather to see if she could weave in and out of the ridiculous scenarios tailored for her.


This week's questions include:
1. Read men's minds vs. read your dog's mind
2. Record an album in Nigeria vs. help design the next Sims game
3. Only travel on a single propeller plane vs. always sit in a middle seat between annoying passengers
4. Know how you're going to die vs. when you're going to die

Watch the full interview above.

Listen to Ari Lennox's latest project Shea Butter Baby
Ari Lennox hates flying, wants to read her dog’s mind, and more