Jhené Aiko shares “Triggered” freestyle

“You muh fuckin’ right I’m triggered.”

May 08, 2019

Jhené Aiko has released new song "Triggered." The track is one of the Grammy-nominated artist's first songs since 2017 album Trip and takes the form of a freestyle in which she opens up about her confused feelings following a split.


"Knew from the beginning, you'd ruin everything you do it every time, you are my enemy, you are no friend of mine," she sings at one point. "This ain't the way that you want it, Might catch a case in this bitch, Don't let me catch you face to face in this bitch."

"Triggered" is accompanied by a video in which Aiko takes in the se breeze from the coast line. Check it out above.

Jhené Aiko shares “Triggered” freestyle