Check out Tyler, the Creator’s new IGOR merch

Tyler has dropped an election-themed merch pack ahead of Friday’s release of his new record.

May 14, 2019
Check out Tyler, the Creator’s new <i>IGOR</i> merch

Tyler, the Creator is days away from the release of his sixth album IGOR. Naturally, this means that it’s merch time! And as usual, Tyler’s merch, being sold through his label Golf Wang’s website, is more inventive than most. Tyler’s ‘VOTE IGOR’ merch pack is election themed, featuring a VOTE IGOR lawn sign, T-shirt, vinyl sticker and 1.5in button, as well as a digital download. View the merch above.


In an era when every man and his dog is selling a generic merch and download pack to boost sales, it’s nice to see someone having a little fun with it. The VOTE IGOR pack is $40 and can be ordered at Golf Wang. Tyler has been teasing IGOR all week; check out his teaser videos, including a tease of a new Santigold collab.

Photo: Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images

Check out Tyler, the Creator’s new IGOR merch