Lil Nas X teases “Old Town Road” video, meets Nardwuar

The “Old Town Road” video is due on Friday.

May 14, 2019

When Lil Nas X first uploaded "Old Town Road" to YouTube he can't have expected it would go on to become the chart-topping phenom that it has. One sure sign of that is that the video accompanying the track is just stock footage from Red Dead Redemption. Naturally, a real video would have to follow.


Many weeks later it seems that the video will drop on Friday, May 17. The artist teased the first image from the video on Twitter. In it he's pictured in an old timey cowboy-style outfit. Check that out above and get ready for what is sure to be a highly meme-able video in three days time.

In other Lil Nas x on YouTube news, he was interviewed by Nardwuar at Rolling Loud over the weekend. Unlike both Young Thug and Lil Ui Vert, he stayed for the whole interview and chatted about everything from country music to poop emoji bubble bath. You can watch the whole thing back, below.

Lil Nas X teases “Old Town Road” video, meets Nardwuar