It’s time for everyone to get on the Slayyyter pop train

Her “Daddy AF” video is outrageous, vicious fun.

May 15, 2019

Last October, we predicted that part-time receptionist, and star-in-training Slayyyter was going to be the future of pop. At the time, she only had a handful of big budget-sounding, forward-leaning pop songs organically spread through the internet by a small stan army. They were incredibly good, and always wickedly raunchy with a knowing wink.


Today, The FADER premieres "Daddy AF," a new song and video from Slayyyter, which seems to indicate that she's been making plenty of moves since her DIY days. Over blaring drill alarms, Slayyyter goes trap-pop and it is outrageous, fun, and incredibly horny ("He wanna get in my guts, licking my clit till I nut.") Not to reference a deaded internet meme, but the energy here is just extremely big dick. It is the energy that I will try to channel the rest of my life. What's especially iconic though, is that "Daddy AF," released today via Big Beat Records, is just another indication of how polished and fully-formed her pop sound already was; it stands just as shinily next to her homemade releases.

"I wrote 'Daddy AF' in LA when I was very hungover and it was all finished in 2 days," Slayyyter writes in an email to The FADER. "I had so much fun making it and it’s the first song I ever wrote and cut in a studio! It's a very horny, trap-influenced, song about feeling cool."

Logan Fields, who directed the video, and has also worked with CupcakKe and Young Thug, added, "I wanted to make the audience feel like they were invited first hand to Marilyn Monroe’s house party. Slayyyter is stunning and I wanted her to jump from the screen as if she were a Bond girl straight out of Dr. No. While the video aesthetically reflects the 50s and 60s I also wanted it to evoke 2000s Brittany Spears and the outrageous celebrity lifestyle as seen through tabloids.

Slayyyter as an artist already feels like she has iconic status and so I really think she needed to be portrayed as such. She oozes confidence and glamour, that is all her, I just thought “what is a setting I can put her in to really share with everyone how brightly she shines." She wanted to have the video be outrageous and risqué and what we achieved together is really a mix between her and my vision."

It’s time for everyone to get on the Slayyyter pop train