Things get eerie in Kari Faux’s new “NIGHT TIME” video

~beware of the night time~

May 16, 2019

Fresh from her beautifully vulnerable new EP, "CRY 4 HELP," Kari Faux has returned with a gorgeous new video for "NIGHT TIME," one of the project's standouts. With stunning direction and visuals by Dylan McGale, this video follows Kari Faux and her lover through the ups and downs of their relationship. The entire video takes place at night; it opens eerily with a stalled car on a dark, desolate street, rain dripping down the windows while Faux rolls a J in the drivers seat. We are introduced to her lover as they get close and intimate under sensual hues of pink and blue. He takes out a video camera and we are shifted to his point of view. However, the most essential scene is one where Faux is eating at a fast food restaurant, puts the video camera in her bag on the table, goes to the bathroom, and comes back to find it missing. From here, the video takes a very dark turn.


Watch this miniature cinematic masterpiece above, and see Faux get her rightful revenge.

Things get eerie in Kari Faux’s new “NIGHT TIME” video