bLAck pARty and Anajah have the longest night in “4AM in NY” video

You ever have one of those nights that just don’t end?

May 17, 2019
Photo: Driely Carter  

From an early co-sign from Childish Gambino to eventually signing to him, bLAck pARty is slowly preparing to make 2019 his stomping grounds. Originally from Arkansas and now residing in Los Angeles (hence the stylization in his name), bLAck pARty has been working with Kari Faux, Father, and more while developing his own voice.


Today, he releases his second single, following "No Complaints" featuring DMP Jefe. "4AM in NY" follows bLAck pARty from a late night studio session at an apartment to a bodega trip that eventually leads to an underground dance party. It be like that sometimes in NYC. He finally finds himself waking up to the rising sun on the subway ride back. In an email, bLAck pARty relayed that the string of events is "pretty typical actually" whenever he's in NYC. He continued, "I live in LA but I feel like every time I’m in NY it’s a whole different experience. I love the fact that there’s bodegas out there open 24/7, or that parties are jumping any day of the week. Also recording in NY is a different experience too."

As for the trains, he has conflicting feelings about the MTA: "What’s funny is I have a love/hate relationship with the trains in NY. Like I hate how confusing it is and how unkempt it is in comparison to the trains in Tokyo. But there’s a certain beauty about the MTA. You really get to watch life around you when you’re on the train. It’s the one place where people from all walks of life have to commute at the same time."

Watch the full video above and look out for bLAck pARty's Endless Summer coming sooner than later.

bLAck pARty and Anajah have the longest night in “4AM in NY” video