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Megan Thee Stallion addresses ghostwriting rumours

“Y’all know I don’t let nobody write s*** for me.”

May 19, 2019

Houston’s Megan Thee Stallion, fresh off Friday’s release of her excellent full-length Fever, found herself in the midst of a drama over ghostwriting allegations this weekend after singer Wolftyla alleged that she wrote portions of the Juicy J-featuring Fever track “Simon Says.”


On Friday, Wolftyla posted a series of tweets and Instagram posts about the track, the most detailed post captioned “#simonsays play this record on repeat. grateful to be a part of this record. leaving little paw prints all over 2k19.”


Megan retorted with a series of now-deleted Instagram stories, seen by The FADER, that seemed to address Wolftyla’s posts. “I write all my own shit don’t let nobody gas you up like that,” she wrote on one story, following up with another reading “That clout shit crazy.”

Later, she added: “Don’t nobody write my shit for me […] Simon says shut TF up😂”


Shortly after Megan posted these stories, Wolftyla responded on an Instagram Live during which she played portions of a “Simon Says” reference track she claimed to have sold to Juicy J. After playing the song, she responded directly to Megan’s “Simon says shut TF up” story, asking “How you gonna use my own lyrics on me?”


Megan then responded with her own Instagram Live, stating:

“When Juicy J brought the song to me—and y’all know I don’t let nobody write shit for me—the one motherfucking time I let a n***a say “Hey, this would be a good idea” and I take it, here comes a random motherfucker trying to act like they really did some shit. If sis wanted some credit, what she should have said was “Megan, I had something to do with the hook.” When you got to posting and shit, you should have been like “I was on the hook.” You was insinuating that you wrote the song, and people was commenting on my shit saying “Yeah, such-and-such wrote this.” If you had been clear and direct from the beginning, we wouldn’t even be doing all this. It wouldn’t have been that crucial, and it’s still not that crucial, because I don’t got no problem with admitting when somebody did something.”

The full Instagram Live is still viewable on Megan’s Instagram.

Finally, Juicy J stepped in, stating in an Instagram caption: “I produced & write a lot of songs & I get people to reference the songs. I wrote “Simon Says,” now let’s end this. This is all very petty.”

This drama, realistically, is just another incidence of fans and critics placing different expectations of authenticity and talent on female rappers than male rappers, and follows similar ghostwriting allegations levelled at Cardi B and Nicki Minaj over the past couple of years. In other words, it’s disappointing but expected; Simon says leave female rappers alone! Fever is out now.

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Megan Thee Stallion addresses ghostwriting rumours