YG is giving a percentage of his new album’s profits to Nipsey Hussle’s kids

4REAL 4REAL is out on Friday.

May 23, 2019

YG was the guest on Big Boy's Neighbourhood on Real 92.3 on Wednesday. He went deep on his close friendship with the late Nipsey Hussle and his reaction to his reaction to the Compton rapper's death. He also revealed that he'll put some of the profits from his forthcoming album, 4REAL 4REAL, aside for Nipsey's kids. Watch above at 10:00.


The album cover of 4REAL 4REAL, which was postponed by YG after Nipsey's passing, contains the epitaph "In Loving Memory of Nipsey Hussle." YG explained that the decision was more than just a tribute, but a promise: "I put that 'In Loving Memory of Nip' on the album because I'm giving his kids a percentage of every song on the album. So by the time they hit 18, from me, they gonna have a bag." He also revealed that he was considering keeping the donations going "probably for about six more albums."

The two rappers first met each other at a studio around 2010. "I think we did some music the same day," YG says of his first meeting with Nipsey. "After that, we just kept running across each other on some L.A. shit. From that, it just started to build." As their local profiles began to grow, the two artists began creating music together more frequently. "He ended up being like a big brother to me," YG says. "The brand shit was the thing we talked about all the time, building a brand that's gonna [outlast] you."

YG says he was at Mustard's house watching the Duke vs Michigan college basketball game when an old friend named Jade called. "She called me like 'Bro, they said Nipsey just got shot. Pray.'... She called back like 'They say he got shot four times'... I just got up and left." He and Mustard were 15 minutes away from the hospital when they got the tragic news. "They were like 'Homie ain't make it.'"

4REAL 4REAL is out this Friday.

YG is giving a percentage of his new album’s profits to Nipsey Hussle’s kids