Teenage NYC band LAUNDRY DAY solved the MTA

The NYC band would also do almost anything than each other’s laundry in their Would You Rather video.

May 29, 2019

Junior year of high school can be skressful: SAT's (both kinds), college applications, extracurricular activities. It's a lot. But it feels like LAUNDRY DAY have it figured out. The NYC-based band formed after Etai, Jude, Sawyer, HP, and HW met up at Beacon High School, and they've been jamming together ever since to make their time at school a little more enjoyable. Part of that fun was recording most of their latest album, HOMESICK, in bedrooms across the city and then adding some finishing touches at Rick Rubin's Shangri-La studios.


Before they took HOMESICK on the road, LAUNDRY DAY stopped by The FADER to see how they would fare against the Would You Rather series.

This week's questions include:
1. Tour with Frank Ocean vs. Tour with Tyler, The Creator
2. Come up with and name your own bodega sandwich vs. Have a MTA line named after you
3. Add a word to the dictionary every year vs. Remove a word every year
4. Everything you eat is covered in watery ketchup vs. Only be able to eat cafeteria food forever
5. Do laundry in a suit of armor vs. Do everyone's laundry in the group


Watch the full interview above and catch them on tour in a city near you.

Check out LAUNDRY DAY's latest project HOMESICK

Teenage NYC band LAUNDRY DAY solved the MTA