Katie Dey releases new video for “Stuck”

Katie Dey has released a video for one of the highlights of her new record solipsisters.

June 04, 2019
Katie Dey releases new video for “Stuck” Sianne Van Abkoude

Last week Katie Dey released her gorgeous new record solipsisters, her first for Run For Cover Records. Her first solo album since 2016's Flood Network, solipsisters finds Dey writing about body anxieties and relationships over some of her most ornate, gorgeous productions yet.


Today, Dey has dropped a video for "Stuck," one of the highlights from solipsisters. The video is simple but absolutely magnetic — it's a single webcam shot of Dey cutting her hair. Overlaid with "Stuck"'s lyrics, it feels suitably in-tune with the record itself and its exploration of self-image. The inclusion of lyrics is important, too; Dey told The FADER last week that, as she gets older, communication is becoming more important to her music.

"A lot of the songs on solipsisters are grappling with the fact that I have this body that I can’t bear to live in. But also there are these other people in the world that I love, and they know me as this body and love me as this person, even though I can’t stand to be that person anymore," Dey wrote in a statement released alongside the video. "And being like, 'Oh, if I change or if I escape, what about these people that love me? Will they still love me?'"

Watch "Stuck" below, and hear solipsisters here.

Katie Dey releases new video for “Stuck”