Johnny Marr absolutely detests Manchester United

The legendary guitarist also talks about his love for eBay in Would You Rather.

June 05, 2019

From receiving all kinds of accolades to working with other greats (Morrissey, Hans Zimmer, Talking Heads), Johnny Marr has crossed off several enviable items on an artist's hypothetical bucket list. He also continues to extend his legacy by working on solo music and rocking silk shirts whenever he hits the stage.


While in NYC for a brief stint, Johnny stopped by to discuss going up against other guitarists in a battle, his fascination with eBay, and getting his band(s) back together. To cap it off, he goes into a long list of reasons of why becoming a Manchester United fan would be possibly the worst thing to happen to him.

Johnny Marr will be on tour hitting several festivals through August, including Glastonbury on June 29. You can purchase tickets here.

This week's questions include:
1. Guitar battle Jimi Hendrix vs. Noel Gallagher
2. Auction off guitar lessons on eBay vs. Only be able to buy things off eBay
3. Tour with a supergroup of your previous bands vs. Tour with a combination of N.W.A. and Naughty by Nature
4. Give up your healthy lifestyle vs. Become a Manchester United fan

Listen to Johnny Marr's album Call The Comet
Johnny Marr absolutely detests Manchester United