Watch ROMderful and ToBi’s “Tired of the Games”

See the playful video now.

June 15, 2019

Artist-producer, ROMderful recently dropped the playful video "Tired of the Games" alongside rising singer TOBi. The light clip finds the rapper wandering the city streets - fresh pineapple in tow - and stumbling across a new love interest while neglecting his own. Also helming the song's production, the single is the third from ROMderful's nostalgic Press L to Continue.


“TOBi feels like a long lost brother! Instantly I felt comfortable working with him after only meeting last summer," ROMderful says of his collaboration. "I literally threw about six beats at him and he gravitated towards this track. He went into the booth and freestyled for 15 mins and from that moment we knew we had something."

Watch the video above and stream the album below.

Watch ROMderful and ToBi’s “Tired of the Games”