dvsn share new songs “Miss Me?” and “In Between”

Hear the OVO R&B duo’s first new songs since 2017.

July 10, 2019
dvsn share new songs “Miss Me?” and “In Between” dvsn   LeSean Harris

There's nothing wrong with getting a bit moody in the summer, and Toronto R&B duo dvsn are back with the clouds in the form of two new singles "Miss Me?" and "In Between." Vocalist Daniel Daley and producer Ninteen85 haven't missed a beat since we last heard from them in 2017, when they dropped dvsn's excellent sophomore album Morning After on OVO Sound. Read the band's statement on the new songs below, followed by streams on Apple Music.


‘In Between’ speaks for the grey area between two people who still haven’t figured out the best ways to communicate their feelings. Sometimes we need to remove all the barriers, even the ones we may have never noticed."
"We all have that one person we can’t get off our mind, but we get scared to ask if they feel the same way. This song helps with that hard-to-ask question: 'Do You Miss Me?'

dvsn share new songs “Miss Me?” and “In Between”