The Momo challenge is being turned into a horror film

From Takashige Ichise and Roy Lee, the producers of The Ring and The Grudge.

July 11, 2019

Remember the global hoax that was the Momo challenge? To be honest, I never fully understood it. Basically, sometime last year, people from the internet stole an image of a sculpture by Keisuke Aiso that was displayed at a gallery in Ginza, Tokyo and used its likeness as a mascot for something called the Momo challenge. If kids texted a certain number on WhatsApp, they'd receive a cryptic list of dangerous tasks from "Momo" that allegedly ended with suicide.


Personally, the scariest part of the Momo challenge was the ambiguity of it all. Nobody knew for sure where it started (Mexican authorities say it stemmed from a Facebook group) but its wide reach was undeniable, stirring up a global panic that kids may or may not have been killing themselves over a creepy-ish picture. Regardless of its legitimacy, the whole thing is perfect fodder for a horror movie. Orion Pictures agrees, so its making a movie based off of Momo, Deadline reports.

The film is reportedly being spearheaded by Roy Lee’s production company Vertigo Entertainment and producer Taka Ichise. Lee and Ichise worked on The Ring and The Grudge together, so the project is in very good hands. Aiso's sculpture — based off the Japanese folklore character Ubume — will play a role in the movie, which is said to "widen the story [of Momo] beyond the contemporary digital age." No word on exactly when Momo is hitting the silver screen, but trust that her cinematic debut is definitely not a hoax.

The Momo challenge is being turned into a horror film