Brockhampton to release new album Ginger next month

The follow-up to Iridescence is coming soon.

July 19, 2019

Brockhampton will release new album Ginger in August. News of the album was announced by the group on social media overnight. A trailer featuring new music concludes with the album title and month. The FADER has reached out to confirm a specific release date.


Ginger will be Brockhampton's first album since 2018's Iridescence. In 2017 the collective shared a collection of three albums titled Saturation. Earlier this year Kevin Abstract shared new solo album Arizona Baby.

Speaking in a recent interview, Abstract suggested Brockhampton were working on a "summer album" inspired by Outkast. He also revealed the group holds weekly therapy sessions, at which actor Shia LaBeouf is a regular attendee.

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Thumbnail image courtesy of Noam Galai/Getty.

Brockhampton to release new album Ginger next month