Watch 100 gecs’ unnervingly voyeuristic “800db cloud” video

“I might go and throw my phone into a lake”

July 25, 2019

100 gecs is Laura Les and Dylan Brady. Together, they make a dirty slosh of sound that could only be possible in this current deep-fried, detached era of digital communication. Simultaneously everything, and also nothing at all, their music is a freeform mass of crystalline PC pop, warped vocals, amorphous screaming, collaged found sounds, and literally anything else you can think of. In May they released 1000 gecs, their debut. Today, The FADER is sharing the video for "800db cloud," the third track from the project, and one of their more delicate outputs, all things considered.


In the two-and-a-half-minute visual, Brady and Les creep out from behind windows, trees, and buildings before thrashing about at the end in an unknown plaza, while onlookers take videos of them. If you asked me to galaxy-brain this video, I'd say it's a commentary on voyeurism and existing in a surveillance state, or something about living in a panopticon. But also, idk. Its unnerving, rule-defying existence is open-ended enough to be anything you want. For that, I'm grateful.

Of the video, Brady writes via email: "Eye spy with my little eye." Les adds, "invisibility is so easy we could just vanish so fucking easy."

Watch 100 gecs’ unnervingly voyeuristic “800db cloud” video