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The 9 best moments from the 2019 VMAs

The best performances and moments from a night that wasn’t as bad as its opening monologue.

August 26, 2019
The 9 best moments from the 2019 VMAs Angela Weiss / Getty Images  

The 2019 MTV VMAs are over, New Jersey has been glorified on national TV, and Sebastian Maniscalco has gone home to wait for the sunrise on his porch, where he can wait patiently for his chance to yell at more clouds. We had some laughs, we had some tears. Thank all relevant deities, we had Rosalía and Missy Elliott. Let's relive some of the best moments from the night, if only to push back on the (for now unnamed) member of the FADER staff who waited until the end of the show to shout, "That sucked!" In truth it was fine. Some of it, even, was good.

Missy Elliott's poised acceptance speech after being inducted into the Video Vanguard

Megan Thee Stallion tearing up the pre-show

Rosalía showing everyone why she's about to rule the world

Taylor Swift's actually pretty good opening act

Cardi B introducing Missy Elliott and providing some much-needed charm during a lull

Lil Nas X hilariously roasting himself before playing a perfectly fine version of "Panini"

Lizzo's uplifting, booty-filled “Truth Hurts”/”Good As Hell” mash-up

Normani slaying "Motivation"

Miley Cyrus's surprise, understated performance of "Stay Away"

The 9 best moments from the 2019 VMAs