Open Mike Eagle is anxious (again) on new song “Whiskey and Push-ups”

Mike’s first new song since The New Negroes concluded in May.

August 27, 2019

Mike Eagle often gives off the impression in his songs that he is on the verge of a minor meltdown. His last EP, 2018's What Happens When I Try To Relax, was, as its title suggested, not particularly relaxing — a one-man analysis of racial injustice, Twitter-inspired neuroses, and the difficulties of eating and touring as an independent rapper. Its first single, "Relatable," sounded over-caffeinated; "I'm kind of uncomfortable / I hate when I'm late / 'cause I try to be punctual / I do what I wanna do / I do what you want me to."


He's back today with a new song — his first since his TV collaboration with Baron Vaughn, The New Negroes, came to an end in May — and it's no less paranoid. "My telephone is listening and tracking all my moves," he mumbles in the chorus, "I'm surrounded by my enemies and don't know what to do." Mike raps through some dreamed-up superhero scenarios in the verses but keeps returning to the titular, unhealthy workout regimen. Listen to the single, from the upcoming Closed Sessions Vol. 3, at the top of the page.

Open Mike Eagle is anxious (again) on new song “Whiskey and Push-ups”