The 21 best electronic songs right now

August’s list includes Burial and The Bug, Marie Davidson, and Charli XCX.

August 30, 2019
The 21 best electronic songs right now Moor Mother   Bob Sweeney

Every month, The FADER rounds up some of the standout tracks from the different worlds of electronic music, organized in no particular order. Subscribe to our rolling playlist on Apple Music.

Homeshake, "Like Mariah" (Jessy Lanza remix)


New Jessy Lanza has me feeling: ( ︶⌢︶ ‘’) ⊰ ♬ ⊱ ( ⌣  ⌣)

Leech, "Brace"


This minimalist drum and bass is just what your static-filled brain needs.

Shuta Hasunuma, "454"


The Japanese artist's latest composition is the sound of a virus-infected virtual lobby.

DJ Firenza, "Intenso"

The Portuguese artist is back with a trance-inducing kuduro banger. Still totally singular.

Flame 2, "Rain"

Burial and The Bug return for another collaboration of dingy, trip-hop-indebted tunes.

I Jahbar, "Turn Up"

Inna Duppy SKRS Soundclash is one seriously innovative and funky dancehall project.

Marie Davidson, "Chasing The Light"

An anxious techno hot pursuit. See her last club music show on September 20 in Montreal, if you can.

Chihei Hatakeyama, "Forgotten Hill"

Ambient music that's too emotionally charged to be pure background noise.

AceMo, "Funky Acid"

The New York producer offers five flavors of acid on his new EP. This is, by far, the funkiest.

Eartheater, "High Tide"

Eartheater dives deep into her goth influences for a haunting and trap-inspired belter.

Jean-Michel Blais, "dans ma main" (FOXTROTT remix)

A tumultuous, Kid A-esque standout from our premiere.

Maria Usbeck, "The Machine"

Electro-pop recorded at the bottom of a blue hole. Dreamy.

A.G. Cook, "Lifeline"

A passionate android ballad from inimitable P.C. Music head.

Charli XCX feat. Sky Ferreira, "Cross You Out"

A career-high for both Charli and Sky.

Black Dresses, "Cartoon Network"

Black Dresses make some of the catchiest, most abrasive noise-pop you've ever heard.

Blanck Mass, "Love Is A Parasite"

Video game music meets thrash metal? I'm down. Animated Violence Mild is totally exhilarating.

Yu Su, "Watermelon Woman"

A sly groove that's over seven minutes long but still demands an extended mix.

Rroxymore, "Passages"

This is what they would have played for the aliens in Close Encounters of the Third Kind if they wanted to say "Dance" instead of "Hello."

Gabber Modus Operandi, "Sangkakala III"

You haven't heard anything like HOXXXYA this year, or possibly ever.

Moor Mother, "After Images"

"AFTER THEY COME FOR ME, THEY GON' FOR YOU." Moor Mother the hardest out.

The Body, "Hallow Hollow" (Remixed by Lingua Ignota)

Two sommeliers of apocalypse vibes connect, and it doesn't disappoint.

The 21 best electronic songs right now