Watch Weyes Blood’s interview with Nardwuar

Weyes Blood and the Human Serviette discuss Weyes Blood’s career from Wise Bluhd to 2019.

September 01, 2019

Natalie Mering, the California-based artist who records as Weyes Blood, has taken some time to sit down and be interviewed by Nardwuar the Human Serviette, Canada's most wonderfully bizarre music journalist. Fresh off the release of her wonderful 2019 record Titanic Rising, Mering and Nardwuar cover everything from that album to Mering's early records as Wise Blood. Watch the interview above.


Earlier this year, Nardwuar interviewed Billie Eilish, as well as her brother Finneas and Eilish's family. Watch that interview here. Read our interview with Natalie Mering about Titanic Rising here.

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Watch Weyes Blood’s interview with Nardwuar