Lil Pete is San Francisco rap’s next great hope

The Fillmore rapper premieres his debut album, HARDAWAY, with features from DeJ Loaf, Money Man, Babyface Ray, and more.

September 05, 2019
Lil Pete is San Francisco rap’s next great hope Bryan Berry

These days, when San Francisco makes the national news, it's usually for soaring rent prices and the latest examples of tech-related signs that the world is ending. But in recent years, as they have for decades, San Francisco artists have played a crucial role in the Bay Area's wider rap scene. Lil Pete has emerged as one of the most distinct voices in the city: a Fillmore rapper who brings his world-weary, melodic delivery to his stories of pain and perseverance.


Following last year's excellent 4EverFocused project, Pete returns with HARDAWAY, his debut album, which premieres on The FADER today. The 16-track project finds the rapper delving even deeper into the hurdles he's had to overcome on the album's opener "Testimony" and the single "Honest." Elsewhere, he recruits DeJ Loaf, Money Man, fellow Fillmore native Lil Yee, and others for guest spots.

HARDAWAY symbolizes me going through everything in life the hard way, nothing was easy but I came out strong," Pete told The FADER over email. "This is my debut album where I’m sharing part of my life with you. I been workin on this project for two years now so this is special for me."

Listen to Lil Pete's HARDAWAY album below.

Lil Pete is San Francisco rap’s next great hope