Lil Gotit’s “No Talking” is Perc-fueled ASMR

A new video from the Atlanta rapper’s surprise-released The Real GOAT project.

October 09, 2019

Fresh off the surprise release of his The Real GOAT project (which has amazing cover art), Lil Gotit is sharing the first video from the 16-track tape. "No Talking" finds Gotit in his comfort zone, coasting on top of the beat before switching his voice to a complete whisper. In the video, he plays pool with his friends and showcases the Lil Gotit lifestyle.


"'No Talking' was just me and my brothers having fun," Gotit told The FADER. "We’re studio junkies so we just have fun in there with it. We had diesel pull up and we went crazy. Diesel [Gotit's main videographer] is my fuckin' brother. He been with me and Keed from the jump so you know he’s a big part of our wave to us. Hardest in the game."

Lil Gotit’s “No Talking” is Perc-fueled ASMR