Denai Moore’s “To The Brink” video is a claustrophobic reflection of a troubled world

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October 18, 2019

Today British soul artist Denai Moore returns with "To The Brink," the first track from her upcoming third album. The song's densely packed electronic production, full of bubbling synths and chipmunk vocal samples, provides the bed for Moore's rich vocals as she ruminates on the world's problems.


This theme is matched in the video, in which Moore sits in a stark white room watching a space-age TV set as images of political unrest and environmental ruin flash up on the screen. The sense of dread is palpable and director Nadira Amrani translates this through some frantic camera work and enclosed set design juxtaposed with open vistas.

Speaking about her new song and video via email, Moore told The FADER: "Weirdly enough when I originally wrote this song on piano it was called 'Lukewarm Tea' and after the session I realised that there was nothing lukewarm about it at all.

"Working with my partner Nadira on this music video was such an amazing experience. I feel like she sees and understands me really authentically. Nadira and I developed the idea of 'To The Brink' over a year ago. We watched a lot of films together and saw a lot of insane exhibitions. We wanted to capture that feeling of wanting to escape from a world that can be really hard to be apart of sometimes. That first scene of the video reflects how I think we are all collectively feeling, this overwhelming sense of doom about everything that's happening in the world.“

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Denai Moore’s “To The Brink” video is a claustrophobic reflection of a troubled world