Junglepussy spits venom in the creepy “Spiders” video

The New York rapper’s new visuals are a tribute to our eight-legged friends.

October 29, 2019

Junglepussy may just have won Halloween with her new Caity Arthur-directed video for "Spiders," the New York rapper's just-released single. JP is dressed as a spider, spinning a web and torturing prey while wearing what might be one of the most striking looks in music videos this year. Make-up artist Raisa Flowers gives Junglepussy a forehead full of black, soulless eyes, and the wardrobe from Metal Institution and Savage Fenty is heavy metal and BDSM mixed with arachnid aisle of the pet store. The song itself is trip-hop-indebted and has a menacing soulfulness — like Junglepussy has actually been eating souls and needs a nap. Watch the video for "Spiders" above.


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Junglepussy spits venom in the creepy “Spiders” video