Grimes shares “My Name Is Dark” lyric video, talks with Lana Del Rey for Interview

Her third album Miss Anthropocene is out February 21, 2020.

December 03, 2019

The latest Grimes single "My Name Is Dark" arrived last week, and on Monday evening she dropped a very stylish lyric video for the lightspeed pop song. "I noticed the lyrics on Genius are insane so I made this over the weekend," Grimes wrote in the YouTube description, but there's nothing cheap and cheerful about the visuals — they're intercut with clips of anime as a costumed Grimes performs inside of sci-fi styled frames. Certainly not something an A.I. could have come up with, as Grimes recently predicted will happen in the next few decades.


Tuesday morning also saw the release of two Grimes conversations for Interview, one with Lana Del Rey and another with actress Brit Marling. Del Rey and Grimes cover topics like songwriting and mysticism, while Marling's interview reopens the debate over artificial intelligence surpassing humankind's creative ability, a view championed by Grimes and dismissed by musician and A.I. expert Holly Herndon.

Grimes adds another anxiety to the docket, outlining a specific computer-generated fear: “What scares me is an artificial intelligence getting online, seeing everybody’s search history, and then blackmailing all of us into doing whatever it wants. It just feels inevitable. We’ve all sent weird e-mails or texts. Even if there are laws to prevent that, there will eventually be a sentient technology that is smart enough and strong enough and has access to take everyone’s shit, and then can make anyone do whatever it wants, Jeffrey Epstein–style.”

Read the full interview here. Grimes will release her new album Miss Anthropocene on February 21, 2020, and has shared the songs "So Heavy I Fell Through The Earth" and "Violence."

Grimes shares “My Name Is Dark” lyric video, talks with Lana Del Rey for Interview