Shure24 celebrates Audience Choice winners Hannah Brodrick, Choker, Kyoka and Debit

Industry-leading artists put the spotlight on the Shure24, a list of people pushing the boundaries of audio culture into 2020, powered by Mixcloud and Shure. Here are the stories of the top talent who won the Audience Choice vote.

December 18, 2019
Shure24 celebrates Audience Choice winners Hannah Brodrick, Choker, Kyoka and Debit

In a rapidly expanding digital music landscape, there’s a lot to be learned from those who are developing creative careers at the forefront of contemporary audio culture. In October, Mixcloud and Shure partnered up to create a new platform that celebrates and elevates the next generation of artists making waves across the industry, inviting composer Holly Herndon, Mo’Wax icon James Lavelle, pop polymath Santigold, and Japanese sound artist Yuri Suzuki to curate a list of top talent for the Shure24.

Each curator selected six individuals who are carving out careers across the digital music landscape — from digital radio and club DJs and sound engineers to field recorders and podcasters. The Shure24 was then put to public vote to find the top four individuals that the public wanted to hear more from.


The four Audience Choice winners span avant-garde club music from Mexican collective N.A.A.F.I., critically acclaimed future RnB, the UK’s best new sound engineer, and a Japanese artist inspired by field recordings. Each have recorded an in-depth podcast conversation with journalist and broadcaster Kieran Yates, and they’ll also receive a one-on-one mentoring session from their respective curator and a tailored package of cutting-edge Shure gear.

Read on about the four Audience Choice winners below, and give the podcasts a listen at

Debit - nominated by Holly Herndon

Born and raised on the US-Mexico border, New York-based DJ and producer Delia Beatriz is best known for her solo work as Debit and for being one of the founding members of Mexican label NAAFI. She’s also a Masters Student in Music Production at NYU.

In this podcast, she touches on her influences, experiences growing up on the Mexican border in Texas, and her thoughts on how dance music culture is getting more progressive in New York.

Hannah Brodrick - nominated by James Lavelle

Hannah Brodrick has worked as a live sound engineer for artists as varied as Noel Gallagher, Mos Def, MNEK, and Il Divo. Alongside a busy touring schedule, Hannah co-founded Women in Live Music, an organisation that provides skills and inspiration for the next generation of females working across the industry.

In her Audience Choice podcast, Hannah explores how touring’s changed over the years and mental health in the music industry. She also talks about mixing the perfect drum sound and her love for Steely Dan, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Phil Collins.

Kyoka - nominated by Yuri Suzuki

Kyoka is a field recorder, composer, and musician from Kanazawa in Japan. Affiliated with the Raster-Noton label, she has a distinct way with sounds, arranging them into streams of impacts and silences.

In her Audience Choice podcast, Kyoka delves into the art of sound design and the influence of fellow field recordist Yosi Horikawa. She talks about how the contrasts between her hometown Japan and her current home Berlin have impacted her creative process.

Choker - nominated by Santigold

Chris Lloyd started making music as Choker at the age of 18; by 21, he’d written, produced, mixed and mastered his debut album Peak. Critics praised the album’s loose, contemporary R&B sound, with influences pulled together from across genres. Two albums and two years later, he’s relocated to Los Angeles, moving out of the family home and into southern California’s rich artistic community.

In his Audience Choice podcast, he talks about LA’s positive impact on his creativity, growing up on his mom’s D’Angelo records and how important aesthetic is to his work as he strives to create beyond sound through film and art direction.

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Shure24 celebrates Audience Choice winners Hannah Brodrick, Choker, Kyoka and Debit