A new season of Top Boy is dropping this year

Drake confirmed the news on Instagram.

January 02, 2020
A new season of <i>Top Boy</i> is dropping this year IMDB

Netflix Original Top Boy, the BAFTA-winning British show that was cancelled in in 2012 and revived last year in part due to the efforts of Executive Producer Drake, will return to Netflix for season four in 2020. The rapper confirmed the news in an Instagram comment on the @grmdaily Instagram account, which asked “Will we see a new series in 2020?” as a caption to a screenshot of an article proclaiming the show as one of Netflix’s most popular 2019 releases. Drake replied, succinctly: “Of course.” The Top Boy revival, also assisted by Skepta, was kickstarted when Drake bought the rights to the show in 2017; season four is the second in Netflix’s two-season pickup. Read about how Top Boy season three gets to the root of a flawed Britain here.

A new season of Top Boy is dropping this year