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Nathy Peluso is bossed up on her new single, “Business Woman”

The Argentinian-Spanish rapper is back with the first offering from her new album.

February 06, 2020
Nathy Peluso is bossed up on her new single, “Business Woman” Javier Anton

Nathy Peluso means business, and 2020 seems primed to be her year. “Since releasing La Sandunguera, I have learned a lot," the Argentinian-Spanish rapper wrote, in an email to The FADER. "I’ve achieved a clearer vision, I’ve been prepearing my album and working for this moment.” Ahead of all that, and her upcoming slot at Coachella, she's offering the first track from the project: "Business Woman," a bold declaration of authority that doubles down on the in-your-face chutzpah Peluso's honed in on over her past few projects.


The track arrives with an equally striking video that calls back to something that'd enjoy a heavy rotation if it was to air on early aughts MTV. The blue-hued clip was directed by Bradley & Pablo, the team behind recent videos from Frank Ocean, ROSALIA, Migos, and Charli XCX. Watch Peluso fuck up the office in "Business Woman," and read our Q&A with the rising star, below.


How did the idea of "Business Woman" come together?
I had a box drum rhythm at the beginning. Then I started to improvise and the lyrics came out. In 10 minutes, I had the bars, it was very visceral. The concept of "Business Woman" is something I experience very closely as the leader of my project and I am proud to give it some music.

Speaking of being a "Business Woman," what kind of jobs did you work before devoting your life to music?
I worked as many things. I was a waitress, telephone operator selling credit cards, in production chains assembling boxes. I worked in a bakery, also in clothing stores. I love having worked so much and in a variety of things because all of that prepared me a lot and taught me fundamental pillars to be a business woman.


What were you inspired by, visually, for the video?
I really wanted to act, inhabit the emotions of the song. I clearly saw several characters, all business women, a CEO, a popstar, a mechanic and a devil. A businesswoman is all of them, you have to think about strategies and lead as a CEO. This is a craft job and you have to get your hands dirty like mechanics. You have to be efficient and give your best smile like in this case, the popstar. Sometimes you have to be tough and not hesitate to make decisions, like that devil who is desperate at times.

What can we expect next from the world of Nathy Peluso?
The album I am preparing is surprising me. I have been able to intensify many of my facets. It is a musical journey in which I assure my passion. I am preparing a very special live concert experience as well!

Nathy Peluso is bossed up on her new single, “Business Woman”