Hear Mdou Moctar’s scorching new single “Ibitlan”

His first offering since releasing Ilana in 2019.

February 11, 2020
Hear Mdou Moctar’s scorching new single “Ibitlan” Cem Misirlioglu

Last year, Tuareg musician Mdou Moctar made a blazing impact with his album Ilana, a technicolor endeavor into Saharan rock recorded in Detroit with engineer Chris Koltay (War on Drugs, Deerhunter, Kurt VIle, etc). It's the kind of record that's got plenty to discover between each of its peaks and ravines, enough to keep ears occupied for a good while. Today, he's offering a new scorcher recorded from the same studio session, a track that ascends with affection called "Ibitlan."


"It's like when there's a valley, with a stream running through it, and all the plants are green," Mdou said in a statement. "The song is about how my girlfriend is beautiful like that. Her skin is like a yellow flower, and her smile is like lightning." Hear "Ibitlan" below via Sahel Sounds, and then head over here to order the track on 7".

Hear Mdou Moctar’s scorching new single “Ibitlan”