The astrological signs as Popcaan songs

The Unruly Boss’s catalog has a track for every mood and here’s the proof.

February 27, 2020
The astrological signs as Popcaan songs Photo: Andrew Dosumnu  

Aside from Forever being one of Popcaan’s most sonically and lyrically impressive albums, part of why it resonated so deeply with its listeners was because of its soul-baring rawness. Though it may seem like a task to dig into the depths of one’s psyche and revel in unabashed honesty, this comes easily for the Cancerian artist. Magnetic and chaos embodied on Instagram, Popcaan is forever delivering humorous commentary and videos that rival the contagion of his own music, but that’s just the Cancer in him.


For Cancers, family, like KFC, is a big deal. The dancehall maverick’s touching moments with his mother and family show an even more jovial side that makes it impossible to not be drawn to his personality. Like any dancehall artist, Popcaan has an abundance of records for every occasion, event, feeling (he’s really good at this), and sign. We've laid them all out.

Capricorn: “Happy and Wealthy”

To say they are ambitious would be an understatement, but thus is the life of a goat. The hardworking Capricorn is said to be too hardworking (with borderline overserious personalities) but that’s just because of their aspirations for greatness. In other words, their road to be “Happy and Wealthy” makes Popcaan’s records of the same name perfect for them.

Aquarius: “Unstoppable”

There is no sign as independent as Aquarius. Marching to the riddim of their own drum, Aquarians are the original trendsetters, movers and shakers. With an unmatched drive and a humanitarian outlook, “Unstoppable” is emblematic of everything this sign stands for.

Pisces: “Everything Nice”

Ever the optimist, Pisces approach all matters with a refreshing and positive outlook. Imaginative, creative, gentle, and some might even say magical, “Everything Nice” is a perfect anthem for our water friends. This thoughtful record that has the artist recapping all the fruits of his labour is reminiscent of this sign’s desire to enjoy all the goodness life has to offer.

Aries: “Numbers Don’t Lie”

Aries are all about the facts. These pragmatic rams are fiery, adventurous, and risky, but with calculation. No challenge is too big for this sign, who walk into each situation with the bold confidence that we can only aspire to have. It only makes sense that they be paired with Popcaan’s “Numbers Don’t Lie” where the artist delivers indisputable truths about his life.

Taurus: “Family”

Family (by blood or choice) is everything for Taureans. These earth signs rely on the people closest in their lives to stay grounded, and want nothing more than to enjoy the fruits of their labor alongside them. Popcaan’s “Family” is the perfect soundtrack for these bulls who pride themselves on love and loyalty.

Gemini: “Ovadweet”

It’s so obvious why “Ovadweet” is the perfect song for Geminis. They are always doing too much and they literally can’t help it. It’s their innate duality that leads them to believe they have to be everywhere and with everyone all at once. Perhaps its their infectious charm that allows them to me mobile among different social groups, or their ability to talk and talk and talk. Regardless, we’re accepting of all sides of this chatty and charismatic air sign.

Cancer: “Love You”

Is that a Cancer sharing (again) about how much they love someone? Yes, and unapologetically so. These tender crabs love hard and crave an everlasting connection. An entire song dedicated to all the things they admire about their special someone is peak Cancerian behavior.

Leo: “Clean”

You’re sadly mistaken if you think you can outdress a Leo. Loyal, energetic and full of life, this fire sign will be sure to keep you on your toes. It’s no wonder why “Clean” is such a fitting song for these lions. Leos are “If you stay ready, you never have to get ready” personified. You won’t find this sign slipping.

Virgo: “Firm and Strong”

There’s no sign that works as relentlessly towards completing their goals or sharpening their skills as much as Virgos. Ever focused, meticulous and always ready to come up with practical solutions for any and every situation, Virgos are the reliable and go-to friend. For this, “Firm and Strong” is their song. This record shows a grounded Popcaan as he shows gratitude for spiritual protection.

Libra: “Body So Good”

Beauty, balance and equilibrium are all on-brand qualities for Libras. Ruled by Venus, this #aestheticsovereverything sign is an admirer of all things beautiful. With that said, it’s no wonder a song like “Body So Good” is so fitting. In its visual, Popcaan dotes and lusts over the woman of his affections, which sounds exactly like Libra behavior.

Scorpio: “Silence”

Scorpios often get a bad rep because of their dark side but these signs are intense and passionate, and embrace their darkness as a means to transform and renew themselves. On the moody “Silence” Popcaan shares the grave-reality of his mounting paranoia towards people surrounding him, but it’s that same vulnerability that makes the single so relatable.

Sagittarius: “Party Shot”

Remember that one friend that accompanied you on that crazy night out that you don’t quite remember, but are sure was filled with mischief, craziness and a good time? They were likely a Sagittarius — our adventurous and chaotic faves. Sagittarius’ free spirit and open mindedness are the refreshing break from the rigamarole of life that we need.

The astrological signs as Popcaan songs