Black Dresses team up with ESPer99 for new song “WORLD PEACE”

The now-disbanded duo shares a new song recorded before the end.

December 21, 2020

Not long after releasing the album Peaceful As Hell, Canadian industrial rock duo Black Dresses announced that they would disband, citing (what else?) the stans. So it's a welcome surprise that a new Black Dresses song — featuring likeminded experimentalist ESPer99 — called "WORLD PEACE" now sees the light of day. The song, recorded last year, sounds like a Sonic The Hedgehog instrumental being torn to pieces by demonic harpies, but in the best way possible. The vibe carries over into the colorful and chaotic green-screened music video that channels one last quarantined dance party before oblivion.


Read Black Dresses' statement on the new song below:


It seems impossible to have peace between each other in our small divided communities. It even seems impossible to find peace within ourselves. It's hard to feel at peace with the band "Black Dresses", something that was very loved and which was our life's work every day until it no longer could be. We believe that one human cannot survive alone, and we like the sound of the word "peace", but should we really look to find "peace"?

This song was composed and recorded in November 2019, a time of great turmoil for everyone involved. ESPer99, having been coerced out of their LA sublet by repeat SWATings, joined us for a month in our new Hamilton apartment. While ESPer99 & Rook finished the album rook&nomie – me&you, this triune collaboration took shape as well.

Black Dresses WASTEISOLATION came into the world on Easter weekend 2018, which is when Christ was Crucified and burned in Hell for three days. Black Dresses was Born Into "Death".

Now under The Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter on the Winter Solstice of 2020, where the two planets align in our view and appear as one, creating a rare event called "The Christmas Star" or "The Star of Bethlhem" in reference to the astrological event that guided wise men to the newborn Son Of G*d.

Black Dresses has completed the cycle and travelled from "Death" and into "Birth".

Thank you for joining us. Forgive us for our transgressions in this extremely turbulent time. Please at least find forgiveness for yourselves. Please enjoy this singing-dancing colorful light and darkness.

Black Dresses

Thumbnail image by Maya Fuhr for The FADER

Black Dresses team up with ESPer99 for new song “WORLD PEACE”