Song You Need: It’s always sunny in NOIA’s soul

“verano adentro” is the third single from her debut LP, gisela, due out March 31 via Cascine.

March 08, 2023
Song You Need: It’s always sunny in NOIA’s soul Sandra Martin Diaz

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NOIA’s music occupies a space somewhere between comfort and horror, like a leather glove that slides easily onto the hand but renders the fingers slippery and unnatural. The Brooklyn-via-Barcelona artist-born Gisela Fullà-Silvestre has a discomfiting take on electronic pop music, thriving above sparse, simmering synthesizers that flex and mold to accommodate her fragile vocal lines.

Today (March 10), she premieres “verano adentro” (“summer inside”) — the third single from her debut album gisela — with The FADER alongside a surprisingly wintry visual treatment courtesy of Pol Rebaque. Where the record’s lead single “eclipse de amor” (feat. Buscabella) and its follow-up “didn’t know” (feat. Ela Minus) both centered the ethereal interplay of NOIA and her collaborators, “verano adentro” finds her alone and vulnerable, accompanied only by a few elastic synth chords and what sounds like a slowly rotating rain stick.


“‘verano adentro’ is a song about a suspended feeling of quiet and peace, about those small moments when no one can take away your joy or your feeling at peace with the world,” she tells The FADER. “The song is also a small ode to the rooftops of Barcelona. lying in the sun near the laundry drying. To me, the beat feels a bit deconstructed, half done, and somehow it has a woody texture. I hope that the song brings a bit of warmth, the kind of warmth that a mid-afternoon ray of sun coming through the window feels when you’re taking a nap on a winter day.”

Watch the video for “verano adentro” and check out gisela’s cover art and tracklist below. The album is scheduled to arrive March 31 via Cascine.

gisela album art
Song You Need: It’s always sunny in NOIA’s soul
gisela tracklist

1. anoche (intro)
2. didn’t now (feat. Ela Minus)
3. reveal yourself
4. glitter blanca
5. otra vida por vivir (feat. Maria Arnal)
6. eclipse de amor (feat. Buscabulla)
7. cançó del bes sense port (interludi)
8. life lived through you
9. verano adentro
10. estranha forma de vida


Song You Need: It’s always sunny in NOIA’s soul