Björk is writing a new album

The Icelandic singer also said her “Cornucopia” concert film is on the way.

November 06, 2023
Björk is writing a new album Photo by Santiago Felipe/Getty Images


Björk is going to start working on a new album.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Icelandic musician revealed that she'll start writing a new record next year, while also releasing the film version of her Cornucopia performance in 2024.

This past year, Björk has been busy performing her “Cornucopia” project, which is a live theatrical experience combining elements of 2017’s Utopia and what ended up becoming her 2022 album, Fossora. While the worldwide tour first debuted in May 2019, subsequent shows were postponed due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, as well as logistical difficulties involving the production's large props.

“‘Cornucopia’ was a strange project because we did it for a year, and then Covid came for two years. And then we started it again,” she continued. “We’re finishing it now around Christmas. It’s unusual in the sense that it’s been a four-year run with a big gap in the middle.”

“The thing is, it’s so difficult to travel. It’s the most ambitious project I’ve traveled with. We have, like, 24 rotating curtains,” as Björk explained, while reflecting on the unexpected travel complications.

Björk added, “So I think this is sort of the end of this show."

That said, Björk’s new album and the theater release of “Cornucopia” were only briefly mentioned within a larger interview about her environmental advocacy. Most recently, the experimental art-pop legend released a 75-second teaser for "Oral," her upcoming musical collaboration with flamenco-pop star Rosalía. A protest against the Icelandic fish farming industry, “Oral" is slated for release on November 9, with all proceeds going towards the legal fees for those fighting a new fish farm in Fjord Seyðisfjörður.

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Björk is writing a new album