Freeload: Salem + Telepathe Remix Radiohead

December 02, 2008

While we love Radiohead, we haven't felt the need to listen to them for awhile now. It's not that we don't appreciate what the band does, it's just that what they do is the root of a lot of the music we cover, and we've kinda moved on to the branches. Two of those branches, Telepathe who we featured in FADER 53, and Salem, who we just talk a lot about, have shown their love to our favorite experimental stadium rockers in the form of remixes of "Reckoner." Salem's version is the immediate standout, drenching the original in reverb and flipping Thom Yorke's paranoid moan into something approximating a distant foghorn. None of these remixes are going to make you feel especially happy, but if you're reading this then that might not be your steez anyway. (Via Gorilla Vs. Bear.)

Download: Radiohead, "Reckoner" (Salem Remix)

Download: Radiohead, "Reckoner" (Telepathe Remix)

**UPDATE** These remixes were commissioned by Merok (the remixers' label) and XL (Radiohead) to commemorate the release of the Merok roster's newest single releases, all of which are available here.

Freeload: Salem + Telepathe Remix Radiohead