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Ghostface Killah f. Raheem Devaughn, "Baby" MP3

photographer Alexei Hay

Seriously, internet to man, there better be some quiet storms on your album, Ghost, or we're boycotting by playing Teddy Pendergrass for 17 days in a row. We got people we're trying to get with depending on some you singing, as promised, so if you could do that it would be awesome. We took a hook-up L after hyping some croony shit on 808s that never materialized, so we need The Wizard of Poetry to be the second coming of Hot Buttered Soul or it is going to be a lonely fall. Getting Raheem Devaughn to swings some auto-tune on the hook does not count. "All That I Got Is You," Parts 2-20. Please.

Download: Ghostface Killah f. Raheem Devaughn, "Baby"

Posted: July 21, 2009
Ghostface Killah f. Raheem Devaughn, "Baby" MP3