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Perfume Genius, "Mr. Peterson" MP3

He let me smoke weed in his truck/ If I could convince him I love him enough/ Enough, enough enough/ He made me a tape of Joy Division/ When I was 15, he jumped off a building is a raw lyric. Perfume Genius, a guy from Seattle named Mike, sounds very young and thin, plays a raggedy piano. Chances are, he probably probably knew a guy named Mr. Peterson, who did all these things. Earlier this year, Mike was encountered by Los Campesinos, who blogged about him with the awkward admiration he deserves: "I find it incredibly nerve wracking when meeting people who make music I love. I don’t see what I could possibly say without sounding ridiculous, but Mike was one of the sweetest, funniest guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. We talked of staring cats dead in the eye whilst they puke and of who should record his record. We got very drunk and now I lie here in my own dirt, not wanting to do anything else, ever again." It appears they've now linked him with Turnstile, their British home and that of Girls, and more is coming soon.

Download: Perfume Genius, "Mr. Peterson"

Perfume Genius, "Mr. Peterson" MP3