Video: Juicy J, “Let’s Get High”

At 1:18 of this video, Juicy J, of Three Six Mafia, walks at the camera, at you, offering a pipe and lighter. It’s got a “first taste is free” vibe, the menace of the supposedly friendly dealer. It’s not an unmenacing song, either, could certainly fit plenty well as track seven on Triple Six’s umpteenth album. But there’s something a little more magical about “Let’s Get High,” and that’s probably Juicy’s specific listing of imbibings: Ecstasy pills, Xanax pills and some Percoset goes the chorus, heavy emphasis on pills, as though he wants you to know he’s not into liquid ecstasy. It reads like a Law and Order rundown of drugs found on a criminal. Then he lists them off, counting off with numberless fingers against a column in a parking garage: Ambien, Oxycontin pills, let’s do all that/ Let’s get high let’s get high let’s get high. Wonder if DJ Paul just didn’t want on this track and that’s why it’s a solo joint. Still works clean and sober Monday afternoon—welcome to the work week.

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  1. Even more than this (which is everything you make it out to be and more) I love the rawness of the video of Juicy rapping Hood Sprung into his computer… it’s what I always wanted growing up listening to 666, just Juice and camera with appropriate Vampire Of Memphis aura. Can’t for the life of me find it now..

  2. bigmike says:

    I wish the video was creative. It’s empty. Obviously the message is shallow but shallow lyrics + uncreative video = boring.

    They should have at least done something visually cool with some pills. There’s millions of colorful pills out there! Hello! That would have been interesting.

    And maybe spend a few bucks on a video? I mean, really??

    No excuse. Seems like laziness is the culprit.

  3. fam zunions says:

    This post is totally boring, pedestrian and completely uninformed. Not to mention the glaring grammatical error. Maybe DJ Paul “didn’t want on” because it’s from Juicy J’s solo album that came out this year?

  4. Peter Macia says:

    @fam zunions How is anything that you wrote true?

  5. PhillGates says:

    Three 6 always know how to make getting fucked up into a art. I like this video for its rawness.