We Make it Good Mix Series v. 11: Salem

Salem have always been great at making music that is fully immersive. It could be 90 degrees and crystal clear out, and as soon as one of their songs comes on, we instantly feel like curling up in a corner and not moving for days. Sounds fun! No but really, their mix for We Make It Good goes more or less as we expected: foggy, distorted vocals, drums snapping underneath anything, vocals screwed and slowed into Jello mulch. The biggest surprise comes in the form of their inclusion of perpetually underrated Chicago rap mainstays Psycho Drama, who are sitting on a back catalog of impeccably ominous songs big enough for us to comfortably spend a couple days with. Anyway, download this mix—complete with incredibly creepy cover—if it seems like you’ve been feeling too happy lately. Get the sads out and start fresh in 2010.

Download: We Make it Good Mix Series v. 11: Salem

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  1. Aphrophyre says:

    This wreaks of Drake influence and probable penning of Usher’s lyrics.

  2. Aphrophyre says:

    delete that comment!

  3. henri says:

    what the fuck is dat cover?