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Stream: Sade, “Soldier of Love”

December 08, 2009

Nine years after Lovers Rock aka the album that almost got us pregnant about a thousand times, Sade is back with Soldier of Love, due out February 2010. When we first found out about her return, our hearts (and reproductive organs) were filled with anxiety—would she be the same? would we be the same?—but the eponymous first single has put us at ease. It's a narcotic skank with intro horns that remind us of Hov's "Encore" and a guitar scratch smoothed by Sade's inimitable cool voice. Plus, now we got jobs so if we have to go half on a baby it won't be nearly as traumatic. Welcome back, Sade.

Stream: Sade, "Soldier of Love"

Stream: Sade, “Soldier of Love”