FADER/Southern Comfort 7-inch Series: SALEM and Tanlines

The 11th installment of the FADER/Southern Comfort 7-inch series has arrived and this—not just for AJ Fusco‘s shadowy cover at—is a dark one. Between Midwesterners, SALEM‘s “Babydaddy” extended take on synth goth with vocalist Heather soft wailing, and Brooklyn’s Tanlines‘ “S.A.W.,” lamenting “the older I get,”—in their first track with full vocals verses—these are two late fall pieces. Download them here first on TheFADER.com exclusively. And if you’re the vinyl loving kind, leave your a comment and register with your real email address and we’ll pick winners at random to send a free copy of the record from our pressing of 500 of these puppies.

Please do not rehost files. Thanks.

SALEM, “Babbydaddy”

Tanlines, “S.A.W.”

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  1. arne says:

    I appreciate it, if I could get one. Like your music.


  2. dan taylor says:

    commented, son.

  3. dan taylor says:


  4. jamesmichael says:

    sickkk vinyl

  5. Prole says:

    Great summertime tunes.

  6. RiCo says:

    Am i right in saying that you have 144 of these left as you have 500 copies and only 356 comments. If you do i would like one please. Thanks.

  7. Please send me one of them sexy vinyls.

  8. Alan says:

    has this single ever been released ?? I’d reallly realllllllly love to have it in my collection.

  9. Nick says:

    Yikes – I’m REALLY late on the bandwagon for this (that cart is probably all parked up and retired)
    I have heard the Salem track on youtube and wondered where it came from and the answer is here.
    I see a lot of MP3s of this floating around but no single for sale anywhere.

    A free one would be cool, but I’d really like one – but there’s nothing on ebay or discogs so I’m wondering whether this phsically exists?