New Erykah Badu Videos Feature Bill O’Reilly, Barack Obama and Four Lil Waynes!

Our dreams are the mish-mash-of-pop-culture-dripping-colors-talking-to-sparkly-creatures kind (with the occasional rapper cameo) and Erykah Badu’s video (videos?) for “Jump Up in the Air and Stay There” takes our nocturnal discourse to the screen. We don’t know which version of the Erykahlidoscope is the actual clip, but it’s worth it to keep watching after the black and white one ends because the purple hued interpretation features images of Lil’ Wayne in a way that makes us even more relieved he won’t have to cut his dreads for the trip he’s about to take. They are streaming in tandem on her website

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  1. mamila says:

    Jump Up in the Air and Stay There