Drake f. The-Dream, “Shut it Down” MP3


This is the first single from Drake’s Thank Me Later but frankly we don’t want to hear it on the radio: it’s deliciously nasty and the station censors are just gonna ruin it with all the bleeping. Besides, it’s solely made for you and your loved one to play when you’re alone together sharing intimate “personal times.” You know, body-touchery and whatnot. Maaaayyyyybe you could play it in the strip club but somebody is bound to catch some feelings, so fair warning to all you strip club DJs out there reading this.

Download: Drake f. The-Dream, “Shut it Down”

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  1. Patrick says:

    Some of us were wondering what might happen if Trey Songz was on this track….

  2. lucid says:

    man this track me think of ma ex

  3. johnny says:

    keep hearing this is not the final version.

  4. red says:

    i love this song this single is raw i can wait for his album

  5. Christopher says:

    i love this song everytime drake sings on a song i love it this is raw and the dream killed it too

  6. deoryen says:

    this song go hard my nigga ..any nperson who say it dont ima shut you down

  7. nelly says:

    lol @ deoryen dat was funi.

  8. deoryen says:

    fa real ……mann this song hard.

  9. jordan r says:

    deoryen nigga shut yo dick suckin ass up…… for i have to fuck yo momma again

  10. asia says:

    perfect song to strip to…drake can sing rap and act woow were do i get a dude like dat