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Charles Hamilton, "I Hate Parties" MP3


Two years ago everyone loved Charles Hamilton's cheeky Sonic the Hedgehog steez and heartfelt odes to "Brooklyn Girrrrrls." Then everyone turned on him after that chick wailed on him in that internet video and he falsified Dilla-bro status. Hamilton went half-milk carton for a little while, popping up here and there for a comeback. Now apparently people are down with him again, if Last Night's Tweets (TM) are to be believed, after he charmed/rapped himself back into everyone's good graces with his recent performance with B.O.B. in New York. Perhaps to combat the fickle nature of his once and future fanbase, he just dropped this party song about hating parties, interpolating The Cars' "Just What I Needed" with a little 808 jangle and rapping about, what else, being jacked up in the head. We think his voice got a little deeper but his flow is still nice and he's still an amiable weirdo. Chicken wangs/ candy paint/ the color of my drank is the color of the pain. Charles and Lil B collabo?

Download: Charles Hamilton, "I Hate Parties" (via Nah Right)

Charles Hamilton, "I Hate Parties" MP3