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A couple of years ago, Charles Hamilton was on the cover of the Now issue, FADER’s annual, year-end look forward amidst many other publications’ navel-gazing looks back. Hamilton, who in 2009 had heavy buzz and … read more »

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Charles Hamilton, “I Hate Parties” MP3

Two years ago everyone loved Charles Hamilton‘s cheeky Sonic the Hedgehog steez and heartfelt odes to “Brooklyn Girrrrrls.” Then everyone turned on him after that chick wailed on him in that internet video and he … read more »

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Charles Hamilton, "Air Agains"

Remember this guy? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t, maybe you don’t want to. Either way, he was once the talk of the internets for the sole reason we’re checking for his Normalcy project, set … read more »

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Charles Hamilton, “Charles Hamilton Is Back” MP3

Hearing Charles Hamilton‘s voice is weird right now, and it really shouldn’t be like that. Less than a year ago he was set to conquer the world but unraveled due to some awkward combination of … read more »

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Freeload: Charles Hamilton, “Barbara Walters”

This may or may not be the first single from Charles Hamilton‘s upcoming official debut The Perfect Life, releasing (according to his blog) on June 23rd. Now normally, that would’ve put him in contention for … read more »

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Freeload: Charles Hamilton Well Isn’t This Awkward Mixtape

Charles Hamilton is in love with Rihanna. We’ve actually known this for some time now. It was supposed to be some kind of secret, but then he made a mixtape not so subtly dedicated to … read more »

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Freeload: Charles Hamilton, “Scorpion”

Hey surprise, Charles Hamilton, one of our current covers, has another mixtape coming out — this one inspired by love and Chris Brown. “Scorpion” is the first official leak from Well Isn’t This Awkward, to … read more »

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FADER 59: Charles Hamilton Cover Story

For the covers of our newest NOW Issue, we chose two youngsters who’ve effortlessly mastered the art of internet self-promotion via prolific, enthralling DIY artistry. One of those covers, Charles Hamilton, released eight great mixtapes … read more »

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Freeload: The FADER Issue 59 Podcast

This year’s NOW issue (free download here) is basically our way of putting love on paper. The stories are all the result of romances with music that we think will hit you hard in 2009 … read more »

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Live: FADER 59 Issue Release Party

We had a party in Brooklyn last night to celebrate the release of our annual NOW issue, this time around with Little Boots and Charles Hamilton on the covers. LB couldn’t make it from the … read more »

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