Drake, “Find Your Love” MP3


The Kanye West-produced first single from Thank Me Later sits solidly in the 808s and Heartbreaks galaxy, which in human terms translates to: SUMMER MAKE-OUT ANTHEM. Some people are mad that Drake‘s not rapping and therefore this is “not hip-hop” (there was a 20-minute debate about this on Hot 97 this morning), but at this point it doesn’t have to be: this song simply reinforces that Drake’s versatility is going to further carry him into the stratosphere. Listen close for Kanye going all the way in on the funky DeBarge synths, and read our Drake cover story from FADER #63 if you haven’t yet.

Download: Drake, “Find Your Love”

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  1. jace88 says:

    link isn’t working

  2. todd says:

    didn’t yall say that the-dream track was the first single? :P

  3. nate cramel bwooy says:


  4. rob says:

    great and very different

  5. Shay :) says:

    This is the best song ever :) . Me and my boyfriend listen to it everyday . I just learned the words though. I only knew the corus lol . I love Drake. I can treat him way better then Nicki lol .

  6. Anti_haterism says:

    What do you mean you can treat him way better than Nicki? Are they dating?

  7. yo mama says:

    this is a cool song me n kathy

  8. Ootah says:

    this jam is so touchy

  9. yo mama says:

    jacky lubbs diss song too hahahahahahahahahahaha drake a gud rappa

  10. *Haz3 says:

    dis song wavvy nd any1 haten on da sun drizzy can suckk daa dick

  11. desttt13 says:

    Drakes musickk is hawt, no one can top him; Hes thaa hottest rapper of the year, I wouldnt be suprised if he bet Wayne. DRIZZY DRAKE BEST RAPPPER ALIVE <3

  12. LALA says:

    loove this songg!!!!!

  13. Mr.Fr3sh says:

    Dopee Song Drizzy and Lil wayne are now the best rappers ALIVE!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

  14. sahand says:

    why is this song, so bad quality? i love this tune, but the quality is baaad. :(

  15. lawren :) says:

    i love this sonq ! idc wat anybody has to say about it either .
    drake GOES HARD
    he never stops , he just keeps at it .
    he’s beyond motivated & that is what motivates me :)
    it didn’t take him a lonq time to be successful & achieve his dreams , which lets me know anythinq is possible with commitment & hard work .
    you’re amazinq drake ! don’t let the haters tell you different love !
    ps. thanks for the bday sonq – nov. 18th

    -lawren .

  16. Just right-click on the download link and click “Save-as” or “Save Target as”, then a new dialog box opens, then you can save your file to any location you want.Thanks

  17. jordan reed says:

    this song the shittttttt